Our Mission at L’Amourlux and L’Amour Collective is to empower females through their sense of style to be confident in themselves. We strongly believe that a lady's fashion style is an expression of her confidence and who she is. Our ultimate belief is that fashion style should be attainable to everyone, no matter their budget, origin, way of life, or sense of style. That is why, L’Amourlux is a women's inexpensive luxury, contemporary, and everyday trendy clothing and accessories online boutique. We are bold, chic, sophisticated, and everyday wear.


L’Amourlux is a straightly forward-thinking fashion brand, whose inspiration comes from real everyday women. Our creations are all based on information from our customers, worldwide fashion trends on social media, arts of street style, and popular cultures. That creates a site that delivers and incorporates all the above.

A lady is very confident when she can afford her style - Mercy Kennedy
I can be having a really bad day, and a glance of an art of fashion could change that and make me happy- Mercy Kennedy


Mercy Kennedy is the lady behind L’Amour Collective AKA L’Amourlux. She has always had a passion for fashion style from the tender age of 5. Mercy would always put pieces together to create a style and the adults were amazed by her sense of style. At age 6, one day Mercy accompanied her mother to do some fabric shopping and she asked her mother to kindly allow her to sort out the fabrics that day. All the selections that Mercy made that day were top sellers and the fabric store owners were so amused by the fashion taste of young Mercy. Since then, Mercy was so involved in fashions news, magazines, and everything fashion. At age 19, Mercy saved up some money and started buying wholesale fashion and would sell to people in her community and her peers at her university. She always readily gives fashion tips to her peers. In 2019, Mercy decided to start an online boutique and save up 5K.


Mercy Kennedy
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